Coworking Site Visits

February 19, 2017
February 19, 2017 ForaJosh

Coworking Site Visits

As a follow-on to our November 2016 Coworking Market Feasibility Study, Mr. Metz, along with Professor Brad Barbeau (CSUMB Institute for Innovation and Economic Development), and Mr. Doug Yount (Marina Community Partners), conducted site visits to fully operational coworking facilities in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara.

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The purpose of these site visits was to:

  1. Explore successful coworking operations and financing strategies;
  2. Develop relationships for potential future regional collaboration; and
  3.  Recruit potential development interest from successful firms.

The team visited 1 facility in San Luis Obispo and 3 in Santa Barbara:

Key findings from the trip include:

  • Many different potential financial and operating models
  • Business sector and university partnership/alignment ideal
  • Community management and owner presence key to producing high energy vibe
  • Market opportunities to expand outlets, partnerships and service models

Next steps include:

  • Continue successful site research
  • Identify potential partners
  • Develop initial vision
    • 3-4 locations: Monterey, Marina, Salinas, Seaside
    • Each with different focus
    • iiED Commercialization Center programming in each
    • Live/work arrangements
  • Central Coast Innovation Consortium
  • Startup Accelerator Fund

Initial Vision 

  • Monterey Downtown
    • Focus on design and professional services
    • Distance working
    • iiED and SBDC presence
    • Monterey Tech Meetup
    • Workshops
    • Live/work for professionals
    • Multiple group meeting spaces (revenue producing)
  • Marina Dunes
    • Focus on food and tech
    • iiED Hothouse
    • Live/work for student businesses
  • Seaside
    • Open Ground Studios artist CWS
    • Seaside KitchenWorks
  • Salinas Downtown
    • AgTech focus
    • Early stage/idea and prototype development
    • Feed into WGCIT and Thrive
    • Partner with Hartnell and CSUMB ag programs

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